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Conscious attunement is a skill based upon pro-active choice. To choose to be aligned in conscious awareness, is to be one with spirit and body, thereby optimizing all capacity of human potential."

- Winifred Adams

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Mission Statement

Winifred Adams and Making Life Brighter is dedicated to optimizing one’s health in an effort toward balanced equipoise, benefiting the body and welcoming the light of spirit into our daily life.  Balanced expression of spirit through the human body in turn radiates to the world around  us, spreading joy. Joy is the inherent birthright of every living creature on Planet Earth. There is no time like NOW.  


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Client Testimonial

I’m a RN & had an unforgettable healing session with Winifred. It was like no other alternative therapy session that I have ever had. By using her 20+ years of experience she was able to determine what was causing my “quirky” issues that no one else has ever been able to figure out. As a medical intuitive Winifred was able to individualize the best healing path for me. My session with Winifred was very inspiring.

– Dawn S., MA

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